2018 Mission Grant Criteria and Restrictions

Please carefully review the following criteria and guidelines prior to beginning your grant application. Once you are confident that your project is eligible, click on the "Submit" button below to begin your online application. To download a PDF version of these criteria and restrictions click here.   

  1. Grant  applications must include recommendations from the Senior Pastor of the  church and the District Superintendent. Once you enter their email address as part of the application process, each will receive an email with instructions on how to submit their recommendation.
  2. Mission Grants are matching funds grants.  Applicants must  demonstrate how they will fund--dollar for dollar--an amount equal to  the grant funds awarded. For example a $1,000 project could apply for a  $500 grant with the church raising the other $500 for the project’s  projected expenses.  
  3. Applicants should describe how the project will be sustained after grant funding ends.
  4. Grants typically range from $250-$2,000. Extraordinary applications for up to $5,000 will be considered.
  5. Grant funds cannot be used for salaries, stipends, building projects related to the church, equipment, vehicles or short-term mission trip travel.
  6. New projects will be given priority. 
  7. Applicants can reapply for a second year of funding if all reports and conditions are met from the previous grant.
  8. Applications for agencies/organizations must originate and be  strongly connected to a local church in the Mississippi Annual  Conference. 
  9. Only one grant per church may be submitted.
  10. Application must demonstrate how the project will form spiritual  leaders, develop new places for new people, renew existing congregations  and/or engage in ministry with the poor. In short, these grants should  help churches to live out the Mississippi Annual Conference’s four Core  Values of The POWER of We. Along with these considerations, we are  looking for projects that are sharing the love of Jesus Christ in ways  that are creative and innovative.
  11. These grants are funded by mission shares. Therefore, a church’s  participation in contributing to mission shares and direct billing for  pensions is considered when evaluating the grant application.
  12. Churches will have approximately eight (8) months to complete their projects.  All recipients must complete their project, expend all grant and matching funds and complete the online Grant Recipient Witness Report by September 1, 2019.  Organizations that do not fulfill this requirement or whose reports do  not include all required reporting elements will not be considered for  any future grants. Receipts must be submitted for both the grant funds  awarded and the matching funds spent by the church.
  13. Award notification letters will include more details about the exact reporting requirements for the grant.
  14. Applications must be submitted online.  Paper applications will not be accepted.
Mississippi Conference of the United Methodist Church